Moved into the new House should pay attention to in case of illness

  with the improvement of people's lives, bought a new House to move into a new home, when you live in a new House, because indoor air of the nonconforming causing disease aroused concern.

first cause of this may be possible, it is our moving company in Guangzhou Yao Weida understand that indoor environmental testing when people moved into the new House will feel sick every morning, Vertigo and shaky. Our reporters Yao Weida summarizes some of the symptoms, first though I don't smoke, but come in contact with some smoking environment, which will feel uncomfortable and feel a foreign body. The second child often coughs, sneezes and immunity will decrease, and some families have some skin allergies, these are more popular. Third there will be very few pregnant women will have some other symptoms, because no one interview it goes without saying that there is no information. There are some dogs and cats pets get sick occasionally. Are these reporters learned, then journalists began to search the Internet to live after moving into a new home there are those who are not. First up is going to feel sore, feel dry, respiratory discomfort, and may feel fatigue and dizziness. These are the information we learned. Moved reporters Yao Weida remind you in Guangzhou of everyone moving company phone at the same time, be sure to check out the new home's security indicators, hope that we can move into a new home.


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